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Raiders Cash Flow “Problems” Debunked: A Special Podcast

Scott Gulbransen
las vegas raiders cash flow

The Las Vegas Raiders aren’t doling out big cash signing bonuses leading some to leave the team is “cash poor.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s a narrative that some still adhere to and has, again, made its way into the talk around the Las Vegas Raiders offseason moves: the team and owner Mark Davis are “cash poor.” Is the Raiders cash flow an issue?

Despite the team’s move to Las Vegas, new $1.9 billion Allegiant Stadium, massive new corporate sponsors, and a nice land deal on their new team HQ, some are clinging to this falsehood.

Hosts Scott Gulbransen and Kelly Kriner talk about why this narrative is false and give the reasons why in our special “we’re all trapped at home” midweek podcast. 

Although Las Vegas signed an impressive class in free agency, it’s the signings they didn’t make leading to wild assumptions about the Raiders cash flow issues and its ability to build its roster.

mick mayock raiders cash flow
Mike Mayock is using his cash wisely which doesn’t mean he the Raiders cash flow is a problem. Photo: USAToday Sports

The guys talk about why the Raiders cash flow is not the issue and not overspending isn’t a sign they don’t have enough cash. Being smart with their money, knowing they’re probably a year or two away from true championship run, seems prudent, say the guys. And while shorter-term contracts have some inherent risk, we say signing them makes sense and gives general manager Mike Mayock much more flexibility in the future.

After all, in the past being hamstrung by huge contracts and big bonuses is what resulted in Raiders cash flow issues over the past two decades.

We’ll also discuss this subject on our weekly CBS Sports Radio 1140 show this Sunday from 8-10 AM PT. Join us for Las Vegas’ only All-Raiders talk show as we further explore the Raiders cash flow narrative.

Listen to our bonus podcast and tell us what you think in the comments below.