Prince Fielder hits home run, destroys fan’s cell phone

By Michael Dixon

Fans attending a Major League Baseball game should take note. If you’re sitting in an area that can be reached with either a foul ball or home run, pay attention to the game. At the very least, put your valuables away.

A fan attending Thursday’s Texas Rangers game against the Houston Astros found that out the hard way, as a Prince Fielder home run flew into the seats, shattering the cell phone of this young lady.

To make matters worse, the fan didn’t even end up with the ball at first. Fortunately, that changed.

“While it may be too late for the phone to be saved, the Rangers did come through, hooking up the smartphone-less fan with a new ball and a bag of swag,” per’s Michael Clair. “With some cajoling, she even ended up with the home run ball from a fan a little less than eager to give it up.”

The phone appears to be 100 percent dead. It’s unclear at this point if the Rangers or Fielder will do anything to replace it as a goodwill gesture. One thing is sure. This fan will not have her cell phone out during baseball games anymore.