Prince Amukamara loses three-point contest to new head coach

By Vincent Frank

New Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Prince Amukamara is joining a completely revamped defense that has added the likes of Malik Jackson and Tashaun Gipson to the mix over the past week.

It’s a one-year, prove-it deal for the former New York Giants first-round pick after he suffered through injuries and inconsistency throughout his five-year NFL career.

Still an above-average corner with a ton of cover skills, Amukamara might now want to focus his attention on improving on the hardwood:

Here’s an educated guess. Jaguars public relations manager Tad Dickman didn’t really do his team’s new defensive back any favors in the locker room. Can you imagine the crap he’s going to get for losing a three-point contest to soon-to-be 50-year old Gus Bradley?

The only real positive here is that Bradley himself was an athlete during his college days at North Dakota State. Though, that career came before Amukamara was even born.

I guess it’s good that the Jaguars are relying on the defensive back to actually play football, not shoot like one Stephen Curry. They just won’t be rostering him in any charity basketball games moving forward.