President Trump called Kirk Cousins to congratulate him after win, for some odd reason

President Trump
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

For some strange reason President Donald Trump felt obligated to call Kirk Cousins after Sunday’s win over the New York Giants.

According to CBS 4 in Minnesota, a spokesperson for the Vikings confirmed that President Trump called Cousins to “briefly congratulate him and the Vikings on the win in New York.” 

Cousins entered the week under fire for an awful performance in Week 4 but played great on Sunday against the Giants, helping the Minnesota Vikings improve to 3-2 on the season.

The report notes that Cousins did once play golf with President Trump, so there is at least a hint of a relationship there. But presidents usually reserve congratulatory phone calls for meaningful victories, such as winning the Super Bowl.

The report also noted that President Trump briefly discussed his upcoming “Make America Great Again” rally in Minneapolis Thursday evening, but notes Cousins will not be attending.