Premier Lacrosse League partners with SyncThink to help monitor health of players

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) opened its doors on Saturday. The league features the top 160 male lacrosse players in the world.

It’s also partnering with SyncThink, a leader in neurotechnology, as a way to monitor the health of the players.

“As we prepare to embark on our inaugural season, it’s essential that we prioritize both the health and personal safety of our amazing group of players,” PLL CEO Mike Rabil said in a release. “We are thrilled to partner with SyncThink this year. Their innovative technology will aid our medical teams throughout PLL games and ensure that our players are protected at all costs.”

SyncThink’s EYE-SYNC technology uses an eye tracking system as a way to monitor a player’s health.

“The PLL will utilize the SyncThink platform to perform comprehensive player baseline evaluations pre-season, during in-game assessments to determine the status of players with suspected head injuries, and in the evaluation of return to play,” the release said.

SyncThink is used by top medical centers such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s National Hospital, and Stanford Children’s Hospital. It’s also not new to the sports world. SyncThink has partnered with a number of teams, including the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, and Atlanta Hawks.

The  PLL, though, will be the first league to adopt SyncThink leaguewide.

The PLL is a six-team league. It played its first games on Saturday and will continue for 14 weeks.