Officer Odell Beckham Jr. slapped on the butt wanted to punch WR, arrest on spot

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Odell Beckham Jr. is in hot water. An arrest warrant was issued by New Orleans Police due to his act of slapping a security officer on the behind in the locker room after LSU won the national championship.

And now we have some more information on the officer Beckham spanked, per “According to police, the lieutenant momentarily ‘wanted to retaliate by punching the offender’ – later identified as Beckham – but didn’t. That description appears to have been included to illustrate that the contact on the officer was unwanted. The officer also considered arresting Beckham but decided against it ‘due to the jovial atmosphere of the locker room.’”

As you can see here from this video, the officer who had his buttocks slapped by Beckham was in the process of explaining to a player why they had to extinguish victory cigars when the incident took place.

The officer was clearly not happy, so that tracks with the idea he wanted to punch Beckham. It also seems to show that, while Beckham really never should have slapped an officer’s behind, said officer may have taken this entire thing the wrong way.

After all, it was a locker-room celebration after winning the natty, and butt-slapping happens to be one of the things that happens regularly in that environment.