Ryan Leaf on Chargers QB Justin Herbert + Le’Veon Bell disaster

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Former Chargers and Cowboys quarterback, Ryan Leaf, joined Sportsnaut’s Dave Briggs to discuss what’s next for the embattled running back. Breaking down what went wrong between Bell and the Jets, and his options as a free agent.Leaf also details other reasons for the Jets/Bell breakup. Breaking down how Bell didn’t receive the money he expected in joining the Jets. He believes this should have lit a fire in Le’Veon to prove his worth. Instead, with an inability to be effective on the field and Adam Gase’s immediate opposition to the running back, these issues had sealed his fate.Briggs explains how he thinks Bell checked out, regardless of where he goes next. Believing that once Le’Veon received his Jets payday, he allowed his abilities to dwindle. Time will tell if it was Gase who held down this running back or if he doesn’t have the drive he once did. Many teams are being discussed for Bell’s next move.

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