NFL Playoffs COVID-19 Bubble? NFL Legend Brian Westbrook’s Thoughts

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While the NFL won’t suspend its season due to a single COVID-19 outbreak or individual cases across the league, that’s not the big picture that should be the priority. While regular-season games still draw massive ratings, which puts money in the league’s pocket, the NFL Playoffs is where the real cash is earned.It’s a point driven home by Philadelphia Eagles legend Brian Westbrook appearing with Dave Briggs on Sportsnaut. Creating a bubble, even multiple, isn’t realistic for a 32-team league with 53-man rosters and dozens of essential staff. However, creating two bubble sites for the 14-team NFL Playoffs is far more manageable.The NFL reportedly started considering a bubble for the playoffs before the regular season and there is a growing belief it will happen. There will be complicating factors that make it difficult to pull off, but a bubble might be the only way for the NFL Playoffs to go on without any issues.

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