NFL Draft 2020 in danger because of COVID-19, plus NFL worst case scenarios for coronavirus

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NFL free agency took place despite the naysayers telling the NFL to cancel it. Should the NFL Draft take place in late April, or should it be canceled like a bad social media account? Today on show, TC and NFL Editor Matt Johnson take a deep dive into that subject and why the NFL should not bow down to the doom and gloom crowd.In the face of public pressure, the NFL stuck to its schedule, and the start of free agency led to a series of blockbuster trades and huge free-agent signings. If the NFL pushed back free agency, we wouldn’t have seen Tom Brady sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or DeAndre Hopkins traded to the Houston Texans. But as the COVID-19 epidemic worsens and the loss becomes even more tragic, the NFL could be forced into unprecedented territory.What happens to the NFL season if the epidemic gets worse and the United States is shut down through the end of 2020? The guys wrap up the show by answering the question that is on the mind of many NFL fans with an inside look at how it would impact the season, players, and the league’s long-term standing.

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