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Podcast #48: Raiders Free Agent Signings, A Look at the CB Position

Scott Gulbransen
Conley Oakland Raiders Conley

We’re giving folks here at the Silver and Black Today Podcast. Just two days after our new weekly radio show aired, we’re back with a live podcast.

We’re back on our Live Tuesday podcast discussing the latest Raiders roster signings. We delve deep on the Raiders CB situation, AFC West: LA Chargers review, and is Donald Penn on his way out?

Scott Gulbransen, Scott Winter and special guest co-host Tony Cordasco start talking about the Raiders continued (and continuous) roster moves. Just a few days after bringing in some free agents in, and talking glowing about them, the team cut several lose while singing some new undrafted free agents, the team also signed some veteran free agents too.

Ryan Switzer Oakland Raiders podcast

Cordasco believes Switzer is a big deal for Gruden’s Raiders.

The team talks about how Jon Gruden is a charismatic coach in a mold you just don’t find much in the NFL anymore. Gruden isn’t wasting any time in making roster changes if a player doesn’t fit his style of play and attitude. Also, they pinpoint the fact the NFL is worried that Gruden will be wildly successful. As Cordasco said: “Gruden has a target on his back.”

Gulbransen also leads a discussion on how Gruden is truly channeling Al Davis and is more like the enigmatic late owner than many believed.

We also talk about the Raiders offense that was recently ranked just 20th in the NFL. Cordasco, Winter and Gulbransen all believes Oakland is in the Top 10 – perhaps Top 5.

Finally the team discusses the overhaul of the Raiders cornerbacks and what it might mean for the team in 2018.

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