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Podcast #45: The HUGE Announcement, Recap of NFL Owners Meetings, Raiders Roster Moves, Gruden Critics

Scott Gulbransen
Las Vegas Raiders Report Podcast

This 45th Podcast of the Las Vegas Raiders Report is slammed with massive news – both on the local front and with the Oakland Raiders. If you haven’t listened yet, what are you waiting for?

The Las Vegas Raiders Report Podcast is back with a massive announcement about the future of the show. You won’t want to miss the big news!

Next, the podcast gang will recap the NFL Owners Meeting as our own Scott Winter will give us his insight from being at the meetings.

Las Vegas Raiders Report CBS Radio Las Vegas Entercom

The Las Vegas Raiders Report is coming to CBS Sports Radio 1140-AM Las Vegas on April 15th!

We’ll chat about the continued changes on the Raiders roster this week including the polarizing cut of All-Pro punter Marquette King, and the team’s signing of a replacement for Cordarrelle Patterson.

The Jon Gruden critics are out in force and we’ll address what’s fair about their digs and what’s not.

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