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Podcast #1 – Who we are, Stadium Update, Camp Update

Scott Gulbransen
Las Vegas Raiders Report
Las Vegas Stadium rendering.

The Las Vegas Raiders Report, the first content hub covering the Raiders move to Las Vegas, its impact on the community, and Raiders news in general, kicks off with our first podcast.

We fill you in on what we are, what we’ll do and who we are. The first episode explores the current state of the Raiders new stadium in Las Vegas, the current issues related to its construction, and other issues resulting from the announced relocation of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas.

The podcast will be published every two weeks and is recorded LIVE at the Cigarbox Las Vegas, located off Dean Martin Dr.

NOTE: Due to some technical issues with our new location, the first 10 minutes of the podcast due have some audio issues. This is corrected as the episode goes on. Thanks for your understanding and patience.