The Denver Broncos are still trying to crawl out from under a huge pile of humiliation they suffered in February and the Seattle Seahawks are in Washington D.C. getting their Super Bowl rings. So, we’re already expecting both of these teams to meet again for Super Bowl in 2015? Yes, that is what Las Vegas’ legal bookmakers are projecting.

Perhaps Richard Sherman should consider getting a condo in Washington DC, as it appears he could be there this same time next year if all goes as projected.

NFL training camps haven’t even started, but current odds are showing that Seattle is a 9-2 favorite at the LVH sports book and the Broncos odds are at 5-1 to win the Super Bowl. Along with this, these two teams are on top to win more games during the regular season than any of the other NFL teams.

Should we even bother watching the regular season knowing we may be watching the Seahawks and Broncos duke it out in Arizona next February?

Of course we should watch, and I’m actually hoping this is nonsense and we see two entirely different teams compete in the 2015 Super Bowl. I don’t think anyone wants to relive the Seahawks/Broncos Massacre II.

If you want to know what teams the LVH sports book have projected to win the least amount of games in 2014, it’s the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars, which probably doesn’t come with much surprise.

Photo: Kelley L. Cox, USA Today