Pistons’ Stan Van Gundy not impressed by trade offers leading up to the deadline

Rule No. 1 in negotiating trades. If you’re offering a player who the other team has never heard of, it’s not a good offer. Someone apparently didn’t understand that rule when negotiating with Stan Van Gundy and the Detroit Pistons.

That’s no way to build good faith in negotiations.

The Pistons reportedly have Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson on the block, which you can read about here. Those two players are in the top three in most major categories for the Pistons.

Detroit may be looking to rebuild with young players and expiring contracts. But at the very least, the Pistons should be offered trades involving players that don’t require Google searches.

On the positive end of things, these offers don’t seem to be hard for Van Gundy to turn down. In a weird way, that has to remove some stress from the job.