PHOTO: Boston bar displays ice sculpture of Roger Goodell’s shame face

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

After the royal treatment NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has dished out to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady over the last several months, the Commish is now resting on ice.

At least this is the case in Boston’s Frost Ice Loft where they have displayed this shame-faced Goodell ice sculpture.

Note the caption on the tweet:

“In support of our fair @Patriots we decided to put Goodell where he belongs! #GoodellOnIce”

The Frost Ice Loft reportedly broadcasted the sculpting on Periscope for those who didn’t want to miss Goodell put on ice. And, if you’re up to sit in sub-freezing temperatures to personally get a look at Goodell—instead of Brady—on ice, then bundle up warm.

With the bad blood likely still flowing hot between Goodell and Brady, the Commissioner is not expected to attend the season opener at Gillette Stadium.

Sources tell us he’ll avoid the Frost Ice Loft, as well.