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Philip Rivers set for crazy travel schedule to attend father-daughter dance and Pro Bowl

Robert Ortiz

One of the hardest things for a professional athlete to do is juggle work and family. It’s a struggle for many people, and it is only amplified for athletes who have a crazy travel schedule during the season. Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers understands what it takes to be a father and an athlete — he has eight kids himself.

So when he was faced with a scheduling dilemma upon being named to the Pro Bowl, he had a decision to make.

Does he represent the city he has played for since being drafted (San Diego), or does he skip the voluntary Pro Bowl to make it to a father-daughter dance he had scheduled?

Like a boss, he said yes to both.

Representing San Diego, a city he will never play in again, means so much to Rivers that he is willing to take multiple red-eye flights and spread himself thin to adequately be a father and a representative of San Diego.

That is truly admirable, and shows you just how proud of a man Philip Rivers is.