If you are from Philadelphia, 97.5 “The Phanatic” is one of two sports talk stations to be taken seriously. on draft day, the Phanatic added serious fuel to the Mariota to the Eagles fire via Tim McManus.

Tim McManus, while discussing a possible trade up for the Eagles targeting Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, mused about what it would take to get Mariota. The result was laughably improbable from Philadelphia’s standpoint.

Philadelphia cannot give up two starters and the primary backup in its front seven, as that would undo all of the work the team did this offseason to improve a unit that ranked in the top 10 against the run in 2014.

While McManus’s potential trade was light on draft picks, just two first-round picks compared to the presumed three firsts the Tennessee Titans are asking for, the trade simply does not fit with what the Eagles can conceivably give up to stay relevant in the NFC East.

A more likely scenario, and one fans could get behind, would be as follows: two first-round picks (ideally one of which acquired from the Cleveland Browns for Sam Bradford) cornerback Brandon Boykin, linebacker Mychal Kendricks, and a conditional selection next year.

Trading two firsts and Bradford is something the Eagles would do in a heartbeat if they truly think Mariota is a franchise guy. All signs indicate that Kelly thinks the world of Mariota, his former quarterback and recruit at Oregon. Kendricks became expendable when the team traded for Kiko Alonso, re-signed Brandon Graham, and restructured DeMeco Ryans’ contract.

As far as Boykin is concerned, the widespread belief is that he cannot start on the outside. And since the team signed Walter Thurmond in free agency, the slot corner spot previously held by Boykin will now fall to Thurmond. Thus in the given scenario, Philadelphia gives up depth without destroying its chances for a successful 2015 season.

While McManus and 97.5 “The Phanatic” stirred the pot this morning with their rumored deal, it’s impossible from a football standpoint. That being said, anything is possible with Chip Kelly at the helm.

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Ben Haley
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