Philadelphia Eagles Lane Johnson Tweets Pricey Rookie Dinner Receipt

Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson publicized, through Twitter, a pricey receipt for the team’s rookie dinner. The receipt in the amount of $17,747.86 comes from Del Frisco’s steakhouse in Philadelphia.

Courtesy: img.bleacherreport.net

Some of the major expenses of the bill include Remy Martin Louis XIII shots for $4,525 one bottle of Screaming Eagle Cab at $3,495, (no pun intended, I’m sure) and one Hillside Select Shafer Cab at $2,650. With all these amazing spirits, I want to know who drank the four lousy Bud Lights, and two Coors Lights?

While Johnson tweeted the receipt, it doesn’t appear to be known if the rookies had to foot the bill or the veterans picked up the tab. The showing off of the expensive receipt likely comes about because of the recent news Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant shared when he was forced to pay a $55,000 tab as a rookie.

Photo: Fancloud.com