Peyton Manning confident about new scheme: ‘I believe I can play almost any offense’

By Rachel Wold

The Denver Broncos overhauled their pass-happy offense to a run-heavy scheme during the offseason with new head coach Gary Kubiak now in command.

Speaking about he fits into the new scheme is quarterback Peyton Manning, who we may get our first preseason glimpse of when the Broncos play the Houston Texans on Saturday evening.

“I’ve said many times I believe I can play almost any offense and do what is required,” Manning said Monday, per’s Jeff Legwold. “Maybe not Tubby Raymond’s (Delaware Wing T), but I can make good decisions, make good throws, get us in good plays, and as long as we can score points, move the ball and win games, that’s important. My job is to execute the plays that are called, and I’m all-in on what we’re doing.”

According to former Colts GM Bill Polian, Manning will thrive under Kubiak’s new system. Polian also said that the Broncos new playbook “is really conceptionally no different” that when he was used to while with the Colts.

It doesn’t appear that Manning will have any mental struggles with the plays this season. However, his physical durability could be in question as we watch the 39 year old quarterback hit the field this season. Manning’s teammates even kid him at times due to his age, as he confessed:

“Guys in the locker room make some jokes about my age and ask me what it was like before color TV.”

Zing! Perhaps until his teammates actually start bringing him Geritol, we should not be too concerned.

To Manning’s credit, it was noted by Mike Klis of 9NEWS that the quarterback recently took off the glove on his throwing hand and “has been throwing tight spirals on deep passes like he never did when he was 36, 37 and 38.”

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With that said, it would appear the Broncos are still in fantastic hands with their veteran quarterback, who was not even sure he wanted to play another season back in February. Conversely, all the positive Manning hype is not what the Broncos AFC West divisional competition want to hear at this point in the preseason.

As for Manning soaking in the Broncos new scheme, we better watch closely and not blink an eye as the quarterback will surely have extremely limited field time on Saturday night.