Penny Hardaway asked about convincing James Wiseman to return to Memphis: ‘Stay tuned’

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

James Wiseman shocked the Memphis basketball program this week when he announced his decision to leave school and prepare for the 2020 NBA Draft.

Head coach Penny Hardaway is hoping against hope that he might be able to change Wiseman’s mind.

Hardaway also shared that he hates the way things played out with the NCAA.

The way it played out is that the NCAA deemed Wiseman ineligible to play due to Hardaway helping Wiseman’s family move to Memphis when the young star was still in high school. Then, after the NCAA’s ruling, Memphis played Wiseman anyway for a couple games before he finally was put on ice.

Hardaway might be engaged in some wishful thinking about potentially convincing Wiseman to return to Memphis. It sure seems like the young man is done with the entire situation and ready to move on to the NBA, and all the riches it brings.