Paul Richardson accuses police officer of racial profiling during traffic stop

Paul Richardson

New Washington Redskins receiver Paul Richardson was driving his brand new car in Virginia on Tuesday when he was pulled over in a toll lane. In a couple of since-deleted tweets, he described being racially profiled and being given a ticket for no legal reason.

A.J. Perez of USA Today Sports captured the since-deleted social media posts, which you can see here. In them, Richardson writes, “Just got pulled over by a Virginia police officer in a toll lane and before asking my name he asked me if I was in a game, then minutes later he told me he thought I was a dealer (drugs). What a welcome to the east coast. Finished up with asking how much car cost me.”

Richardson, of course, recently signed a big deal in free agency to join Washington after spending his first four seasons with the Seattle Seahawks.

He went on to write, “I’ve had this car two weeks and this amazing officer gave me a ticket for only having temporary registration. Mind you I have up to two months in Virginia before needing to register it AGAIN in Virginia.”

Clearly, Richardson was upset about the entire incident.