Patriots troll Rob Parker over prediction with epic video response

Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday to advance to another Super Bowl. On Tuesday, they severely trolled an outspoken critic.

Parker not only predicted that Kansas City would beat New England, but said that it would be “Independence Day for NFL America” and that “the reign of terror will finally be over.”

That didn’t happen. And on Tuesday, the Pats posted a video with many of Parker’s lines spliced in with the biggest plays from New England’s game-winning drive in overtime.

We have only one critique.

Given Parker’s stated plan to move to Mexico if the Patriots won, we feel that “adiĆ³s” or “vaya con Dios” belonged somewhere in the message. Perhaps at the end, or maybe even in the caption.

But that’s just tinkering. This was a solid troll job.