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Patriots set incredible NFL record in win over Chiefs

Jesse Reed
Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots hasn't discussed a Malcolm Butler trade with the Saints yet

Tom Brady made more NFL history on Sunday night, but his personal achievement wasn’t the only jaw-dropping historical development in the game.

The New England Patriots did something against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 6 that’s never before been accomplished in the Super Bowl era. During their 43-40 win, they did not incur a single penalty, nor did they punt once.

The Patriots ran a total of 75 plays in 12 offensive drives on Sunday night, racking up 31 first downs and 500 yards. Not one of those drives ended in a punt, which is remarkable by itself.

New England not incurring a penalty is equally stunning, as that’s extremely rare as well.

Put those two things together and you’re looking at one of the most complete performances we’ve seen in the NFL in a long, long time.

Saying that, what Patrick Mahomes did in the second half, nearly pulling off the monumental come-from-behind upset win, shows just how impressive he and his Chiefs really are in 2018.