Patriots “Protesters” Show Act of Defiance at NFL Headquarters

By Vincent Frank

It’s officially getting silly when it comes to the Deflategate scandal and the ensuing punishment the NFL handed down to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

You might have already heard of the GoFundMe account set up to help pay the Patriots $1 million fine.

But this one takes the cake. Some Patriots fans, acting as protesters, have handcuffed themselves together in the lobby of the NFL headquarters in New York City.

No, really…

“Expecting police arrival.”

We are pretty sure the New York Police Department doesn’t have other more serious things to deal with than theseĀ four guys.

I would say Patriots fans are better than this, but there are always some nuts within every fan base in the sports world, these four included.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport chimed in indicating that these are actually the dude’s who run

This deserves a big “come on, man”

Photo: Twitter