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Patriots owner on Deflategate: ‘I don’t hold grudges, but I never forget’

Vincent Frank
Robert Kraft
Courtesy of Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft once considered himself friends with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The two have been seen as chummy for the better part of Kraft’s tenure as the Patriots’ owner.

That all changed when the NFL punished the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady for their alleged role in the Deflategate scandal during the 2015 playoffs.

Speaking up about the four-game suspension Brady received and the millions New England was fined, Kraft himself really didn’t hold back.

“I don’t hold grudges but I never forget,” Kraft said, via the NY Post. “Sometimes people mess up at when they’re doing their jobs, but it most organizations people make bad decisions. I’m about the present and the future.”

Kraft added.

“We were unfairly punished but we wound up winning the Super Bowl.”

Goodell is expected to make his first trip to New England when the Patriots host the Kansas City Chiefs in the season opener this upcoming September. He’s public enemy No. 1 in New England. And in reality, Kraft’s comments will only stir the pot some more.

Though, there’s an argument to be made about forgetting this whole thing. Despite seeing Brady suspended for the first four games, New England went on to mount the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. It’s the fifth Super Bowl of Kraft’s tenure as the team’s owner.

At some point, take the win and move on.