Patrick Beverley says his Clippers are better than the Lakers, Warriors

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley certainly isn’t lacking confidence, even after his team lost All-Star center DeAndre Jordan in free agency.

TMZ Sports caught up with Beverley in Southern California Thursday evening to talk about everything NBA related. When asked about which team is the best in the NBA, the guard had an interesting response.

“Clippers first. Clippers more healthy. Then, second would have to be Golden State because they are the champions,” Beverley said. “We got me and Avery Bradley. The two best defenders in the league. Gallinari. Tobias Harris. Sixth Man of the Year, Lou Williams.”

Beverley went on to call himself and Bradley to two best defenders in the history of the game, “that’s like two Gary Paytons playing with each other.”

It’s good to have confidence, but this is next level stuff right here.

The crosstown rival Lakers just added LeBron James and a bunch of other pieces in free agency. Meanwhile, the Warriors signed DeMarcus Cousins after earning their second consecutive title and third championship in four seasons.

Beverley might think his Clippers are the best team in the NBA, but that’s not close to reality. In fact, we’d be hard-pressed to predict a playoff spot for the team after it lost Jordan, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin over the past 12-plus months.