Panthers rookie D.J. Moore busted for going 113 MPH

By Jesse Reed

We’ve all done it at some point. The need for speed compels us to ignore traffic laws and just put the pedal to the metal, which is obviously what happened to Carolina Panthers rookie receiver D.J. Moore earlier this month.

According to Michael Gordon of the Charlotte Observer, Moore has an October 2 court date after being cited for going 113 miles per hour in a 65 miles-per-hour zone, with the added caveat that it was also a construction zone.

“Moore, 21, was charged with speeding, and speeding in a work zone at over 80 mph,” Gordon reported.

According to Trooper H.L. Bautista’s police report, Moore was “polite and cooperative,” and just “wanting to get home” after arriving at the airport following the team’s preseason game against the Buffalo Bills.

And unlike what the Cleveland Browns dealt with in the case of rookie Antonio Callaway, Moore fessed up about the incident immediately, per head coach Ron Rivera.

Hopefully the young man has learned his lesson.