Panthers kicker Graham Gano receives ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired gift

With the NFL season fast approaching, players are doing what they need to do to prepare for training camp. For some, that means taking one final vacation.

Others like to intensify their training regimens in hopes of shedding one more pound. Whether they take a break or get in another workout, there is one thing every player does. He does whatever it takes to get mentally prepared for the battle ahead.

Someone decided to help Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano get his mind focused and ready for the season. They left a Game of Thrones inspired gift on his doorstep Monday night.

He doesn’t appear to know who left it for him, but he appears to suspect Panthers running backs Christian McCaffrey and Jonathan Stewart are behind it.

The phrase “Wofford is Coming” is a reference to a phrase from the show, “Winter is coming.”