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Ohio State football star willing to take drastic steps to play this fall

Jesse Reed

If you think you’re missing sports, imagine how the actual athletes you love to watch feel. Highlighting this to perfection, Ohio State star center Josh Myers shared his thoughts on playing this fall.

Myers willing to do whatever it takes to play football for Ohio State this fall

Clearly eager to play this fall, Myers said he’d do whatever it takes, per Bill Rabinowitz of the Dispatch. He would quarantine and even said he’d sign a waiver to play.

Rabinowitz shared that teammate Wyatt Davis expressed the same sentiment.

Myers also said that it would be “a nightmare” if college football were canceled this season.

Both of these star linemen understand there are risks, however. Myers shared that he’s concerned about passing the coronavirus to his family if he got it.

There is still plenty of uncertainty surrounding college football. In California, all 23 of the state universities will not hold in-person classes this fall. Over on the East Coast, one university president is absolutely sure there will be college football this fall.

Meanwhile, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine recently made it clear anyone who says they know what will happen is lying.