Odell Beckham Jr.: ‘I’ve love-hated the Patriots for a long time’

By David Kenyon

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. eloquently described what many NFL fans feel about the New England Patriots.

According to Justin Tasch of the New York Daily News, Beckham said he dislikes the franchise but respects what the Patriots have accomplished, calling them one of his “favorite, least-favorite teams.”

“I’ve love-hated the Patriots for a long time. What they do year in and year out as far as being one of the top teams in the league and they get the job done, they win championships, the way they conduct themselves. But on the other end, they’ve beaten all the teams that I like.”

Whether it’s because of the four championships over the last 14 seasons, questionable decisions like Sypgate and Deflategate or a combination of both, fans often have a disdain for New England.

Some of the negativity is understandable, especially since the “Patriots Way” includes robotic answers that essentially provide zero valuable insight into the locker room.

However, success breeds hate. New England has plenty of the former, so the latter has certainly followed. Under head coach and quarterback Tom Brady, the Pats have won six straight division titles and 11 of the last 12, earning six AFC championships and four Super Bowl rings.

Rival fans will disagree—and it’s just sports, so that’s fine—but it’s impossible to deny how much the Patriots have accomplished.

No matter how much you hate New England, the team’s performance—purely from the perspective of someone who enjoys the NFL—is worth loving.