NY writer criticizes Chandler Catanzaro for not wanting to play in cold

New York Jets kicker Chandler Catanzaro

Chandler Catanzaro spent a successful year with the New York Jets, but the veteran kicker decided to head south in free agency this offseason. Apparently, that decision had a contributing factor that isn’t acceptable to real football guys.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, sources said Catanzaro elected not to re-sign in New York because he didn’t want to play in the cold. He eventually picked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

For some reason, that’s a problem.

“The kickers-are-football-players-too crowd is going to have a hard time explaining this one,” Mehta said. He later added: “Catanzaro, of course, had the freedom of choice as a free agent. But is it fair to conclude that he’s soft? Well, football players aren’t scared of the cold.”

Some people prefer cold weather. Some people prefer warm weather. It really doesn’t matter!

Besides, when given the choice — as Catanzaro had — kickers probably would say warm weather is preferable to cold. Largely, it’s because a ball compresses better on impact in heat. That affects ball flight, which is essential to a kicker’s job.

Catanzaro, who has connected on 84.4 percent of his career field-goal attempts, earned the right to handpick a new NFL home. And if he prefers warm weather, that’s nothing close to a criticism-worthy point.