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Nobody’s buying Kliff Kingsbury’s Josh Rosen ‘our guy’ statement

The Cardinals made a smart choice selecting Josh Rosen during the 2018 NFL Draft

Ever since Kyler Murray made it abundantly clear he’s choosing the NFL over MLB, there’s been a ton of chatter that he could be drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. It makes some sense, because he’s a perfect trigger man for Kliff Kingsbury’s Air Raid offense.

However, roughly 24 hours after all the Murray-to-Cardinals chatter started rumbling, Kingsbury made it clear speaking with media that “Josh is our guy” in Arizona.

The Cardinals put together a slick bit of media to share on Twitter roughly an hour after Kingsbury’s statement.

Well, here’s the thing: Nobody’s buying it.

It didn’t take long for most of NFL Twitter to chime in with what really amounts to a mountain of eye-rolls.


So yeah, it was a good thing that Arizona got in front of this. Only, when your head coach is on record saying he’d take Murray No. 1 overall just a few months ago, it’s a tough sell.