Noah Syndergaard trolls Astros’ with hilarious tweet

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Syndergaard has been known for throwing serious heat on the mound and that reputation clearly carries over to social media. As spring training begins for the New York Mets, Syndergaard delivered some early heat with an epic troll against the Houston Astros.

As the Astros continue to catch criticism from across baseball for cheating during the 2017 and ’18 seasons, while also facing allegations of using buzzers in 2019, Syndergaard took a little shot at the buzzer scandal. When the Mets tweeted out a picture of their pitchers working out in the “Shirtless Syndergaard” look, he mentioned that buzzers are not included with the look.

The Astros have faced allegations of wearing a buzzer underneath their shirts that told them when a specific pitch was coming in 2019. While the team has denied the allegations, fans and players remain skeptical given the team has already been caught cheating before.

Plenty of players haven’t been afraid to express their anger towards the Astros in spring training. It seems Syndergaard is happy to just make some subtle jabs and baseball fans will certainly love it.