Nike Golf announces plan to ‘transition out of equipment’

Michael Dixon

Fans of Nike Golf will have to look elsewhere for their equipment in the future. On Wednesday, the apparel giant announced that it is planning to stop manufacturing golf equipment.

Of course, it could still be a while before Nike golf equipment is no longer being used. Pro golfers are often hesitant to change equipment, especially if the equipment is working well.

Plenty of notable golfers are presently using Nike equipment. That list includes former World No. 1’s Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.

While the lack of new equipment will eventually keep him from using Nike equipment in the future, Tiger is not planning on leaving the company.

“He’s been a longtime icon of Nike Golf and that’s not going to change one ounce,” said agent Mark Steinberg, via Jeff Ritter, Golf.com. “He’ll remain a loyal and enthusiastic icon of Nike.”

Nike’s Trevor Edwards released a statement on Wednesday, solidifying the company’s continued commitment “to being the undisputed leader in golf footwear and apparel.”

Nike apparel has long been seen on golf courses. Still, the company didn’t make its first big splash in the golf industry until 1996, when it signed signing Tiger Woods to an endorsement deal upon his becoming a professional.

In 1998, Nike began manufacturing balls. Clubs followed in 2002.