Nick Saban shoots down notion he’ll retire soon

Alabama head coach Nick Saban

Nick Saban is 66 years old this year, and some people seem to think it won’t be much longer until the legendary college football coach calls it quits. After all, he’s got nothing left to prove, having won six national titles, and five since joining Alabama 11 seasons ago.

But before thinking he’s going to ride off into the sunset any time soon, those folks might want to hear what Saban thinks about that theory.

“That’s what everybody keeps saying, that I’m not going to be doing this for much longer, and all the people who say it have no idea what I’m going to do,”¬†Saban told ESPN. “I’ve been involved in some fashion with football and being a part of a football team ever since I can remember. I don’t know what it would be like not doing it and don’t want to know.”

The old ball coach, Steve Spurrier, who didn’t call it quits until he was 70, doesn’t see Saban retiring any time soon, either.

“Nick ain’t thinking about retiring, not even close,”¬†Spurrier said. “He can go into his 70s easy, and I think he will.

That’s probably not great news for the rest of the SEC. Saban has won over 86 percent of his games since 2007, and his recruiting game is exceedingly strong to this day. Chances are, he’ll add to his championship trophy collection before he’s done and go down as the greatest college football coach in history, many years from now.