Nick Saban: Alabama will continue ‘Shop Talk’ videos despite LeBron James’ request

Alabama head coach Nick Saban

LeBron James’ company sent a letter to the University of Alabama about the school’s “Shop Talk” videos because of potential copyright infringements. But Nick Saban expects the school-produced videos to continue.

Cecil Hurt of the Tuscaloosa News passed along Saban’s comments.

The topic is a result of Alabama posting a video of former stars Julio Jones, Eddie Jackson and Ryan Anderson having a conversation during a haircut. James’ company believes the series is too closely related to his show, “The Shop.”

In the letter sent to the school, James’ company invited Alabama to have a conversation about the videos. It’s reasonable to suggest the NBA superstar’s intent is to protect what they believe is their idea.

What we, as non-legal experts, cannot answer is the extent of the argument and whether ignorance matters. We will continue tracking the developments of this story.