WATCH: Nick Saban went after Paul Finnebaum following interview

By Scott Carasik

Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban is a bit of a hot-head. His temper flared up again Wednesday after an interview with Paul Finebaum.

The ESPN host was grilling Saban about not disciplining starting left tackle Cam Robinson after his recent arrest in the following clip:

Saban was livid with how Finebaum was grilling him. But honestly, you can’t blame Finebaum for going as hard as he did. If anything, he should have gone harder. Saban should have suspended Robinson for at least a game but will let Robinson get away without any sort of suspension.

That’s not forgiveable.

That’s why Finebaum was going hard on Saban.

The after-affects of the interview were somewhat crazy, as passed along by Danny West:

Michael Casagrande of captured some video of the incident and posted it on twitter after the argument.

Saban crosses the line here.

It’s not Finebaum’s job to pander to coaches at all. It’s his job to question their methods.

Saban had no business going after one of the better journalists out there just for doing his job. I’d completely understand if Finebaum was crossing a line. But at this point, he wasn’t and Saban just went after him.

The Crimson Tide would be ok without Cam Robinson for a game or two. They have 4- and 5-star recruits out the ying-yang. But Saban’s lack of discipline led to him show a complete lack of professionalism, and it was unacceptable.