Nick Foles benched, but Rams ‘by no means’ regret trade, extension

The St. Louis Rams are handing the quarterback reins over to Case Keenum, but head coach Jeff Fisher emphatically denied that the franchise regrets acquiring Nick Foles.

According to ESPN’s Nick Wagoner, Fisher said “by no means” are the Rams having second thoughts about giving Foles a two-year, $24.5 million extension before he even stepped on the field.

“By no means do we regret the trade, by no means do we regret the extension. Nick is a good quarterback.”

Fisher’s comment falls safely into the “Well, what else did you expect?” category as it pertains to Foles’ new contract. It’s not like the head coach is going to blast a player because of something the team provided.

However, the Rams shouldn’t regret the trade. Sam Bradford played average to above-average football for St. Louis but was an injury risk the franchise appeared sick of waiting on. Although Foles was recovering from a broken collarbone, his history is better than Bradford’s.

The Rams took a chance on a quarterback who shouldn’t wasn’t truly considered an “offense-savior” anyway. At least in 2015, he didn’t pan out. Perhaps if Foles has a better offensive line and a true No. 1 receiver, things could change in the future.

Although St. Louis shouldn’t regret the trade, the extension is a different story. But we’ll never hear someone involved with the Rams organization publicly say anything of the sort, nor should we expect it.