Nicaraguan baseball manager fired after speaking out on coronavirus

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A legendary baseball manager in Nicaraguan was fired on Tuesday, just days after he publicly spoke out about his hospitalization due to the coronavirus.

Nicaraguan baseball manager fired after coronavirus comments

Norman Cardoze Sr., a member of the Nicaraguan Hall of Fame, served as the manager of the San Fernando Beasts. The iconic manager, along with his star slugger and son Norman Cardoze Jr and coach Carlos Aranda, was recently hospitalized due to the coronavirus.

Following his release from the hospital, per The Washington Post, Cardoze Sr. spoke publicly about his experiences with the coronavirus and being hospitalized. While he and his son only spent a few days in the hospital, Aranda required a ventilator and later passed away due to health complications from the virus.

The Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League was still playing out its 2020 season before it stopped following Aranda’s death. Cardoze Sr. later described the experiences of watching those around him suffer from the symptoms of the coronavirus and the traumatic experiences he had.

Before suspending the season, the league reportedly threatened coaches and players to keep playing through the coronavirus pandemic. Notably, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has largely downplayed the dangers of the epidemic despite it spreading quickly.

While Cardoze Sr. wasn’t given an official reasoning for his firing, his wife Fátima Ruiz said that the family suspects it is because they spoke out about the coronavirus.