NFLPA closes offices ahead of CBA vote due to coronavirus

By Vincent Frank

The sports world continues to be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic that’s threatening both the health and financial stability of the United States.

While less significant in the grand scheme of things, the backdrop here is an upcoming vote by NFLPA members to ratify the collective bargaining agreement proposal sent to the union by the NFL.

Those looking to meet in person with union leaders are going to be somewhat out of luck over the next several days. The NFLPA announced on Thursday that its office in Washington D.C. has closed down due to concerns over coronavirus.

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It makes sense for the union to take every possible precaution as the coronavirus continues to spread across the country. That’s magnified by what we’ve seen around the NBA over the past 24 hours

As it relates to any potential delay in terms of the start of free agency, we are not too sure what is going to happen on that front.

The start of the new league year is March 18. At this point, it’s hard to envision players traveling across the country to team with teams once free agency officially begins.