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NFL world reacts to Jason Garrett’s stunning fourth-down decision at DAL 19-yard line

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has earned a reputation for making extremely conservative decisions, as demonstrated in his refusal to use in-game analytics against the New England Patriots in Week 12.

So, when the Cowboys’ offense stalled inside the 20-yard line, everyone expected Garrett to send out his special-teams unit and punt. Instead, Garrett shocked the world by going for it on fourth down.

Garrett’s insanely rare decision actually paid off. The Cowboys converted on fourth down thanks to Dak Prescott keeping the drive alive and give the fan base hope.

Given all of the uncertainty surrounding Garrett’s job security, perhaps he’s starting to fight to save his job.

Needless to say, the decision caught everyone in the stadium and watching at home by surprise. As everyone watched the decision be made and the play unfold, fans couldn’t help but wonder what happened to the old Garrett.