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NFL unanimously votes 2020 Draft will go on as planned

NFL compensatory picks
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been major push back from teams and general managers regarding the NFL’s stance that the 2020 NFL Draft should go on as planned next month.

At issue here is the current COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the United States. Teams are not on the same page as the league when it comes to handling the draft.

Initially, the NFL confirmed that the draft itself would not be held in Las Vegas and would be void of fans. Now that team headquarters are shut down for the foreseeable future, they seem to be in agreement that the draft should be postponed.

It’s not happening. The NFL Management Council Executive Committee voted unanimously on Thursday that the draft will go on as planned.

There promises to be a ton of logistical concerns as it relates to the annual event. The biggest issue is teams not being able to meet individually with draft prospects. Another issue pertaining to logistics is the inability of said teams to put prospects through physicals.

On the other hand, football has been the one major aspect of the sports world that has helped fans remove themselves a bit from the pandemic that’s sweeping across the United States and the rest of the world.

With today’s technology, the NFL should still be able to put on a darn good show and entertain the masses. All of the other logistical concerns can be worked out between now and April 23.