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NFL players in Pro Bowl have plenty of incentive to win

Jesse Reed

It’s only an exhibition game, and oftentimes it’s pretty boring. But players competing in Sunday’s Pro Bowl have thousands of reasons to play for the win.

As noted by Andrew Brandt of TheMMQB, the players from the winning team will earn double the amount the losers will take home.

So, clearly the guys aren’t going to be pushing like they normally would. After all, the risk of injury is a big deal — just ask Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert. But that doesn’t mean these players have nothing to play for.

What’s really cool is that the players who are preparing for Super Bowl LII who are also Pro Bowlers are getting a nice chunk of cash, too.

Just some walking-around money, right?

In all reality, these men are putting their health on the line every week for the entertainment of us all. So while it might seem ludicrous to some that they’re raking in cash in a game that doesn’t matter whatsoever, it’s really not.