NFL preparing huge schedule changes if CFB season suspended?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is determined to provide football fans with a 2020 season. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put the upcoming college football season in doubt, the NFL could look to take advantage.

As league officials remain committed to holding a 17-week season as planned, plans are already being discussed that would shake up the schedule dramatically.

NFL’s 2020 schedule could look very different

As the NFL works to finalize its schedule for the 2020 season, the league is exploring an alternate plan that would seize on a fall without college football. The NFL is holding preliminary talks with broadcast partners about playing more games on Saturdays, per The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand.

The early discussions would allow for the NFL to spread out the games more during the weekend and the league could sell the broadcasting rights to major networks. While a majority of games would be played on Sunday, the NFL could have primetime games on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Will there be a college football season in 2020?

The NFL is looking for any opportunities to expand and increase its revenue, especially in a season that could be played without fans. However, there seems to be increasing hope that college football will be played in the fall.

Texas Tech and Texas A&M became the latest universities to announce plans to bring students back to campus in the fall. More schools across the country are making preparations to welcome students back in a few months, which is crucial for college football to return.

The NCAA has even more to lose if the college football season is delayed or suspended. Colleges across the country are dependent on the revenue generated from football season and will push to make sure it happens.

If the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t allow for college football to be played, though, the NFL is clearly ready to find ways to provide sports fans with football on Saturdays.