NFL to post league’s best all-time games on YouTube

By Vincent Frank

The National Football League hasn’t made many friends when it comes to those who still love to utilize YouTube.

Making their official videos unavailable for upload on other sites has definitely put a hurt in the fan experience, especially for those looking to combine game analysis with video viewing pleasure.

As only the NFL can do, it decided to throw some scraps to those who have helped built it into the empire it is today.

Gauging the opinion of fans on social media, the league ran a vote by Facebook users to ask which 96 games (three for each team) should be posted in full on YouTube.

In a vacuum, this is a tremendous idea. It will give fans an opportunity to watch the best games in league history for free at their leisure. There’s a reason why the NFL is as popular as it is.

Some may not agree with the league’s tactics, but stuff like this only increases the interest level in its product.

Personally, the first game this scribe watches will be the 1992 AFC Wild Card game between the Houston Oilers and Buffalo Bills.

Here’s a list of all 96 games provided by NFL Media.