NFC Playoff Picture After Week 11

We are now headed toward the stretch run of the 2014 NFL regular season. With that comes a ton of playoff scenarios as the weeks count down. From here on out, Sportsnaut will give you a clear look at the playoff picture in each conference up until Week 17 of the regular year.

Here’s our first look at the NFC Playoff picture.

Seed Team Record Next Opponent
1 Arizona Cardinals 9-1 AT- Seattle
2 Detroit Lions 7-3 AT- New England
3 Philadelphia Eagles 7-3 VS- Tennessee
4 Atlanta Falcons 4-6 VS- Cleveland
5 Green Bay Packers 7-3 AT- Minnesota
6 Dallas Cowboys 7-3 AT- New York (G)




* Detroit holds tie-breaker over Philadelphia with better in win percentage against conference opponents. It also boasts the head-to-head tie-breaker over Green Bay in the NFC North. The two play Week 17 at Lambeau.

* Green Bay holds tie-breaker over Dallas for the fifth spot due to a better win percentage against conference opponents.

* Atlanta holds tie-breaker over the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South due to head-to-head tie-breaker. The two play Week 16 in New Orleans.

If the Playoffs Started Today (Bye Week: Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions) 

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons


In the Hunt

Seed Team Record Next Opponent
7 San Francisco 49ers 6-4 VS- Washington
8 Seattle Seahawks 6-4 VS- Arizona
9 New Orleans Saints 4-6 VS- Baltimore
13 Carolina Panthers 3-7-1 Bye Week


Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers

* San Francisco holds tie-breaker over Seattle due to a better record in divisional games.

* New Orleans and Carolina remain in the hunt in the NFC South. Neither are wild card contenders in the NFC.


Strength of Schedule Among Contending Teams



Team SOS
San Francisco 49ers .589
Carolina Panthers .584
New Orleans Saints .511
Arizona Cardinals .478
Philadelphia Eagles .463
Green Bay Packers .445
Seattle Seahawks .445
Dallas Cowboys .430
Atlanta Falcons .428
Detroit Lions .423


Remaining Strength of Schedule

Team SOS
Seattle Seahawks .617
Arizona Cardinals .550
Atlanta Falcons .548
Green Bay Packers .500
Dallas Cowboys .500
Detroit Lions .500
San Francisco 49ers .500
Philadelphia Eagles .467
New Orleans Saints .419
Carolina Panthers .400


Photo: USA Today