15 NFL Players Involved in Dumb Tweets

Enjoy this collaboration of tweets involving NFL players. Either the players have acted dumbly, the nature of the tweet is dumb, or just the overall circumstances ring of dumb.

Richie Incognito, Guard, Miami Dolphins

Smashes his own car and calls it art. Classic dumb.

Jimmy Graham, Tight End, New Orleans Saints

His title technicality was dumb.

Mark Sanchez, Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles

Aw, yes the dumb headband, among so many other dumb Sanchez moments.

Johnny Manziel, Quarterback, Cleveland Browns

I sure hope this guy can sleep better tonight now that he has an explanation for his Manziel shirt not showing up.

Richard Sherman, Cornerback, Seattle Seahawks

His Madden Cover is Dumb. What is this look?


Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots

I don’t know how a house can be dumb, but apparently Tom Brady’s house is.

His dumbfounded, left hanging face.

Colin Kaepernick, Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers

Unfollowed because his multiple Kaepernicking pictures he posts are dumb.

Eric Decker, Wide Receiver, New York Jets

Girls can be dumb.


Leaving Manning – yeah dumber.


Jerry Jones, Owner, Dallas Cowboys

Called dumb for releasing Kyle Orton.

Of course even dumber for Tony Romo’s giant contract.


Peyton Manning, Quarterback, Denver Broncos

Pro Football Talk is Dumb according to this person.

Ray Rice, Running Back, Baltimore Ravens

Dumbest move ever caught on camera.


Matt Schaub, Quarterback, Oakland Raiders

Schaub as a Raider is Dumb. The trade is dumber.


Clay Matthews, Linebacker, Green Bay Packers

Anyone who lives in Wisconsin is dumb.

In reference to what Matthews did to Colin Kaepernnick here, dumber.

Percy Harvin, Wide Receiver, Seattle Seahawks

Letting Harvin get away with a return kick off during Super Bowl, dumb.

Eli Manning and Peyton Manning

Are Eli Manning and Peyton Manning brothers? Let the dumb fans argue it out.


Eli Manning, Quarterback, New York Giants

How did Tumblr miss this one?


Probably because Eli goes as “Fumblr”

Photo: Fox Sports