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NFL Players Who Have The Coolest Cars

Rachel Wold

Boys and their toys. Who doesn’t like hot cars? I am a girl, and I love cool cars. These NFL players have to get around somehow, so why not spend some of their hard-earned big bucks on a cool car that makes them happy? 

Matthew Stafford, Quarterback, Detroit Lions (Rolls-Royce Wraith) 

Yes, please. The sixth highest-paid athlete from 2013 certainly made a sweet purchase.

Antrel Rolle, Safety, New York Giants (Maserati Gran Turismo) 

Courtesy: celebritycarz.com

Courtesy: celebritycarz.com

Brandon Marshall, Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears (Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo)

Brandon Marshall Mercedez

Not sure how Marshall has his designed, but it could look something like this inside. Way cool.

Courtesy: nvtt.net

Courtesy: nvtt.net

Reggie Bush, Running Back, Detroit Lions (Lamborghini Aventador)

This is awesome.

Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots (Audi R8)


When his car breaks down, does he get his hot wifey, Gisele, to work on his car?

Dez Bryant, Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys (Chevrolet Camero)

It’s kind of sexy watching Dez washing his budget-friendly muscle car on his own.

Colin Kaepernick, Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers (Jaguar F-Type)

I am surprised he doesn’t have a giant “Kaepernicking” logo on the door.

Chris Johnson, Running Back, New York JetsHere’s a couple from Johnson’s collection.


Courtesy: of complex.com

Courtesy: of complex.com

And the Ferrari. 

Courtesy: celebritycarsblog.com

Courtesy: celebritycarsblog.com

Even Chris Johnson’s twins drive Matching Lamborghinis. This is way cute.

Courtesy: complex.com

Courtesy: complex.com

Matching Ferraris for Atlanta Falcons’ wide receivers Julio Jones and Roddy White


Then there’s the quirky/weird cool.

Mom of Richard Sherman, Cornerback, Seattle Seahawks

Instead of a Sherman Tank, perhaps a Sherman Truck?

Darren McFadden, Running Back, Oakland Raiders (Buick Centurion)

Yes. This screams Oakland.


And, of course, it’s Chris Johnson again with his pimped out Chevy Impala

Courtesy: Huffington Post

Courtesy: Huffington Post

Devin Hester, Punt Returner, Chicago Bears (Chevy Louis Vuitton Impala)

I love anything with the name Louis Vuitton in it.

Courtesy: tumblr.com

Courtesy: tumblr.com

Photo: hinhnen.us