NFL orders post-Thanksgiving COVID testing, masks, surveillance

Citing surging COVID-19 cases, the NFL is mandating testing, indoor masks and video surveillance of group gathering areas following Thanksgiving, NFL Network reported Wednesday.

A memo sent to teams and players detailed the updated protocol, including required surveillance of weight rooms and cafeterias to help the league enforce mask-wearing indoors.

Tests are required of all team personnel, regardless of vaccination status, on Monday, Nov. 29 and Wednesday, Dec. 1, per details of the memo reported by multiple outlets.

Because of increased travel and contact with friends and family at holiday gatherings, the league decided to elevate protocol and testing. A handful of household names have tested positive in recent weeks, including Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa.

Enforcement of indoor mask violations had been a gray area. Video surveillance had been partially the responsibility of three team “mask compliance officers” as designated by each of the 32 clubs.

As of Nov. 29, each team is required to have video surveillance in weight rooms and cafeterias available for review by league officials.

–Field Level Media