NFL looking into potential regular-season game in Mexico next season

By Jesse Reed

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell continues to extend the international appeal of the league. His latest move was to send a group of representatives down to Mexico last week to look into the feasibility of playing a game at Azteca Stadium in the 2016 regular season.

It’s looking like the event will actually take place, too. Per to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, “the officials brought back overwhelmingly positive reports, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.”

While the mission down south did expose some issues with Azteca Stadium that must be resolved, it appears the idea is gaining significant traction. A survey “returned strong results” and the NFL is popular in Mexico. Filling the stadium won’t be a problem, and if the league is smart one of the teams featured will be the Oakland Raiders, which are one of the favorites to play, per La Canfora.

Another logistical aspect that must be addressed in order for such a game to be played is rescheduling one of the big soccer matches that would otherwise be played during the same time slot. However, La Canfora reports “multiple teams willing to sacrifice a home game” to help make it happen.

International appeal is something all major corporations strive to achieve. Like him or not, Goodell has done an incredible job for the NFL owners of creating this appeal, and efforts like this one down in Mexico are a key reason for this. The series in London has been outrageously popular with the locals across the pond, and football fans across the world would jump at a chance to watch an NFL game live.

An announcement for this upcoming game at Azteca is expected soon. The way things look, it’s a given the game will be played.